Is My Rolex Real or Fake?


Wearing Rolex replica watches gives a sense of accomplishment, and it is generally considered a status symbol. With Rolex replica watches cost thousands of dollars to buy as an investment, rather than the usual rise from the moment of decision. Research possible help the buyer to determine whether he wants is what type, what function, he has been looking for the Rolex. Once he finally made his decision, he is proud and confident in his choice. He can now wear a Rolex proudly, because he knows that he invested valuable time and money for this purchase. However, this image is now being diluted with the introduction of replica Rolex watches. When buying a used Rolex, one can’t help but think: ” Is this Rolex real or fake?” Rolex replica watches market continues to grow and these copies makers are improving their work. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish a real Rolex and fake Rolex. We have done some research, and do our best to provide you with some key tips that can help prevent you from buying a fake Rolex when your heart set on a genuine, authentic Rolex. Here are some guidelines to follow when you are looking to buy a used Rolex:

One of the first give-aways will be the look of the Rolex

Rolex creates the perfect work. If the text on the dial or hands of one person blur bend, you could almost think it was a replica. Rolex sells only perfect work, it will not release a flawed Swiss Replica Rolex Watches Uk into the market.

Another sign is that Rolex is a fake is the date window. When you view the date by Cyclops, the date should be enlarged 2.5 times and fill the entire window. Most of the time, a fake Rolex only be enlarged 1.5 times, it will not be clear. If you are unable to read the date or does not fill the entire window, be on alert. Chances are that this is a fake Rolex.

Also, a stainless steel Rolex will never have a date and day on the dial. This is the most popular kind of fake Rolex. Only 18 carat gold and platinum Rolex on the dial have a date and day, never a stainless steel model. (Thanks to our readers, Pat, who told us, “There is no day-one stainless date for the general public, but from my reading I learned there are 10 of them! A few years ago, when Rolex established the Day-Date as part of their line, 10 were made from stainless steel and presented to the major technicians who worked on the project. However, they are rarer than the Kew Observatory Rolexes.”)

In many cases, to see that if Rolex is real or a replica based on weight. Under normal circumstances, Best Fake Rolex Watches is very light. If you put on a Rolex, it is a lot lighter than you expect, proceed with caution.

Another quick and easy way to help determine the authenticity of the Rolex is by taking a look at the caseback. A Rolex caseback is always smooth. If the caseback has an engraving or etching, you can safely assume that it is a replica.

Next few tips take a little bit more work, but are definitely helpful in stopping you from buying a fake Rolex.

Real Rolex does not leak when underwater. However, replica Rolex is almost always leaking. If you have the ability to carry out such tests, put the Rolex

underwater and see if it leaks. If so, do not buy it, because it is likely to be false.

For models made in the early 2000’s and later, Rolex began etching the Rolex crown into the crystal at the 6 o’clock hour marker. Using a loop, you can see the crown etched into the glass.

If you have a chance to eliminate the band, look at the 12:00 model, and serial number at 6 o’clock. Furthermore, engraved with “Rolex original design” can be found in the 12 o’clock side.

Take all necessary precautions when buying a used Rolex. Rolex is a beautiful piece, you should buy a real, authentic model. We hope that these guidelines will help you looking for your perfect real Rolex models!

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