2015 New Skeleton HYT H2 Full Gun Replica Watch


Angus Davies handles the best quality replica HYT H2 FULL GUN watch, a new watch replica for 2015 presented in Titanium gun metal PVD, and momentarily adopts a role made famous by Clint Eastwood. The watch replica company’s first model, HYT H1, features two vertically arranged bellows pumps, powered by a hand wound movement. I reviewed the HYT H1 Alumen Blue last year and appreciated its interesting case colour and the vivid green fluorescent liquid circumnavigating its dial area.

HYT H2 FULL GUN - A new watch replica for 2015

No self respecting alpha-male has failed to see Clint Eastwood utter the immortal words, “Make my day”. I am reminded of the Magnum-toting Eastwood as I admire the gun metal finish of this latest offering from HYT.

HYT has carved an interesting niche for itself in the field of haute horlogerie, employing liquids to impart the prevailing hour using the meniscus in between.

The HYT H2 – an ingenious movement

The Swiss Made replica HYT H2 watch, the second series of models from the young watch replica company was first revealed in 2013. It repeats the pumping liquid formula, but orientates the pumps in a V-shape, reminiscent of the engine cylinders found under the bonnet of some exotic cars.

HYT H2 FULL GUN - A new watch replica for 2015

While the movement is again hand wound, it differs greatly from the calibre found within the H1. It is a clean sheet design, drawing on the expertise of the hugely respected Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, offering additional complexity when compared with the H1.

At 9 o’clock a temperature indicator shows when the fluid has reached its optimum range.

HYT H2 FULL GUN - A new watch replica for 2015


The jumping minutes hand is a further significant difference with the H2 model. While the minutes on the H1 are shown on a subdial below noon, the minute hand on the H2 points to a scale encircling the dial. This may not sound particularly remarkable, however, HYT never fails to surprise. On reaching 30 minutes the hand leaps from 5:30 to 6:30, traversing the base of the bellow pumps with a sense of theatre.

The balance is positioned dial side, below noon, and is mounted on an unusual and highly attractive arcing bridge.

Despite pumping liquids and the jumping minute hand, details I would have expected to hungrily devour energy, the power reserve is an impressive 192 hours.

A crown function indicator is located at 3 o’clock, displaying “H-N-R”. This function resembles the gear indicator found on some cars equipped with automatic gearboxes. I have seen this feature on some Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet models beforehand, which is not surprising as the movements of these watches also originate from the doors of Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi. However, it is a highly practical indication aiding the wearer when adjusting the hands (H) or winding (R) the movement.

The HYT H2 FULL GUN – a new H2 for 2015

This year, HYT has revealed the H2 FULL GUN, a limited series of 15 watches. The case is made of titanium gun metal PVD, featuring a satin finish which delivers a radical, yet highly attractive appearance. The dark-grey shade of the case is complemented with a plum leather alligator strap, supplied on a matching titanium deployant buckle. The palette of colours employed grants a high degree of individuality.

HYT H2 FULL GUN - A new watch replica for 2015

HYT H2 FULL GUN - A new watch replica for 2015


While the H2 FULL GUN is clearly a contemporary timepiece it dutifully respects watchmaking tradition with blued screws featuring on the movement and high-end finishing on various components.

This is a behemoth timepiece, measuring 48.8mm in diameter, with a case height of 17.9mm. Nevertheless, despite its sizeable proportions, it is remarkably comfortable to wear. A reason for this highly agreeable fit can be explained by the lug design. The lugs are quite short and the strap points sharply downwards, perpendicular to the case band, ready to envelope the arm with a cosseting action.

Early HYT models used green liquids to denote the hours. However, the H2 FULL GUN uses a regal blue shade which contrasts wonderfully with the aluminium grey hour track, exhibiting a cool temperament. The blue liquid, which is held within a fine capillary, appears to almost float weightlessly above the exposed movement components which are visible dial side.

The release of different coloured fluids is not as simple as it may initially sound. The HYT laboratory has to expend much time and effort to ensure liquids retain their colours, remain stable at different temperatures and don’t degrade over time. There is also the issue of the coloured water-based fluid remaining distinct from its oil-based neighbour and the all important meniscus between the two remaining intact.

HYT H2 FULL GUN - A new watch replica for 2015

The sapphire case back allows the wearer to see the twin barrels as well as the reverse of the bellows pumps. This is a watch replica which invites the wearer to scrutinise each component and, despite its flamboyant personality, it remains an exemplar of high-end watchmaking with matchless finishing ubiquitously revealed.

Closing remarks


As I hold this gun-metal beauty in my hands at a recent event in Geneva, I look across the room trying to make eye contact with HYT’s CEO, Vincent Perriard, and subliminally utter the words, “Make my day…. let me keep this stunning watch.”

Alas, unlike Clint Eastwood’s character, I lack the necessary bravery to vocalise my thoughts, and my hope of procuring this watch replica will remain a distant dream, but a dream nonetheless.

My appreciation of the skeleton HYT H2 FULL GUN copy watch is immense. It is slightly quirky but imbued with serious watchmaking know-how. Moreover, the ingenuity which has led to the production of this watch replica reinforces my affection for small, independent brands who dare to dream and subsequently realise their ambitions.

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