Closer Look At The Cool Replica Citizen Nighthawk Watch for Men


citizen-nighthawk-watch-02With the price between $200 and $300 and with stainless steel case, solar powered quartz mechanism and entirely analog functionality the men’s Citizen Nighthawk Eco-Drive replica watch can easily be a great every-day watch.

Setting the Time

After you set the correct time push the crown ind and the second hand will resume its This model has two hour hands: the first one is 24-hour hand and another is local time hour hand.This position is called the time correction position.The second hand will stop to far as it can go.If you want to set the time wait for the second hand to reach 12h and then pull the crown out to its last position, I.e.The hour and 24h hands will move jointly.motion.

Charging Your EcoDrive

The second hand will start jumping at two-second intervals if the battery charge on the EcoDrive Citizen Nighthawk is insufficient. In this situation you should expose the best fake Citizen Nighthawk watch to light as soon as possible. The sunlight is the best; exposure to the bright sun for only two minutes will recharge the battery for a day’s usage. If you use the light inside an office, it will take between one and two hours for a similar amount of charge.

Sometime it’s possible that the time slows down in without your noticing. If so, the second hand will indicate this by moving with a hitch. In this situation you need to pull the crown out, set correct time and push it back in.

Setting Date and Local Time

In order to set the date pull the crown out to the first position, known as the date correction position. To cycle through the dates turn the crown counter-clockwise (to the left) until you reach the correct date.

It is important to know that the Citizen Nighthawk local time replica can also be set in the same position. Turn the crown clockwise (to the right) and the hour hand will move independently of the 24h hand. This procedure could be used for setting the time in a secondary time zone. For example, if one travels often between the West Coast and the East Coast.

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